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Ex-Servicemen Security and Detective Bureau understands the need for enterprises to be constantly vigilant. To address your security needs, we offer the best business CCTV monitoring services at the best rates. Reach out to us today to discuss your specific security needs.


Video Monitoring:

We help set up and conduct video observations of public areas. Our team is trained to use the camera appropriately while complying with the technical, legal, and ethical parameters. We monitor proceedings based on suspicious behavior and we respect the privacy of other people.

Flexible 24/7 CCTV Remote Monitoring Service:

We’re always on duty! We never sleep, meaning you can rest easy knowing your property is secure. Our monitoring services are highly tailored and customer focused. You will be benefited from the cost effectiveness of our services, helping you to enhance your and to exceed the service levels expected by your customers. Our security monitoring surveillance specialists alert the authorities as soon as a trespasser enters your property, apprehending them in the process.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports:

Need to keep track of deliveries, employees or suspicious activity? We will generate a report with the information you want and we will ensure that, the CCTV remote monitoring service, can generate a full report that can be e-mailed or hosted on our secure server, for your access. Companies have their warehouses at remote locations, schools & banks have branches at different locations, retail stores, supermarkets, rail, Oil and Energy, ATM, and many more can be made secure through the 24/7 CCTV remote monitoring service offered by us. Our services, will help you to cut down your cost of operations, maximize your income, improve your service offering.

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