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Security Guard in Uniform



Ex-serviceman and detective bureau is one of South India’s foremost security guard service providers that prominently guards the society, area, property, and everything against criminals throughout Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Andhra Pradesh. Even a peaceful place sometimes becomes violent and disordered due to criminal activities. We have the best security guard agency committed to provide high-level Security services to its client’s properties full of proactiveness and professionalism.

We provide Armed-Unarmed Security Guards to our clients according to their needs. Our guards are highly talented and have excellent knowledge about the areas and behaviors of different locations in South India. Ex-serviceman and detective bureau hires only those employees who have gone through detailed verification and have experienced guarding knowledge. Even before placing our guards at a specific location, we train them accordingly to ensure the highest security level.

Contact us to get the high-level security for you or your family or to avail any of the other services. We serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction. Customer’s concern is our sole priority.

Security Services We Provide:


Ex-Servicemen Security and Detective Bureau provides both Armed and Unarmed Guards to their clients according to their needs. We are consistently ranked as top security guard provider in Chennai, Coimbatore, Dindigul, Pondicherry and Nellore for providing high quality security guards. 

Armed Guard Service:

An Armed guard is preferred when threat perception or risk factor is higher and guarding of valuables or VIP is required. Presence of guard with armed, work as a deterrent and prevents crime. Arm guard is required to use his weapon judiciously to protect life and property.

Unarmed Guard Service:

A Unarmed Security Guard in the Private Security Sector form the first level of defense, who notices and encounters threats and risks that are detrimental to life, property and premises. Security Guard is responsible for monitoring premises and property through physical presence and by using security and protection systems.


Securing a factory involves many challenges on day to day basis especially the risk of loss by theft and pilferage is highest at a factory as compared to other sites. Therefore, role of security is very critical in mitigating the risk faced by industrial unit. Ex-Servicemen Security and Detective Bureau ensures that industrial security personnel understands basic functioning of the industrial unit through regular training. Security should be able to identify and prevent losses suffered by the industrial unit through pro active measures. We deploy security guards strategically and use them effectively to meet all security requirements of a industrial unit without putting a constraint on the budget. 


We take care of the following functions at the Industrial Unit:

Visitor Pass Management

Access control
Vehicle Pass and Parking Management
Material Inward and Outward Management
Maintenance of registers, records and files
Adherence to safety procedure
Guarding the boundary wall
Regular patrolling inside the Industrial Unit
Maintaining order among labor
Reporting to Admin/Security head


Doing any kind of business would mean that there are certain risks to it. Are you looking for the best and stress-free Top security services? However, we at Ex-serviceman and detective bureau are talking about risk to the business in terms of theft of inventory, raw materials, and monetary thefts. To avoid these kinds of dangers, we have brought to you a range of commercial security services that would ensure that you run your business without worries.

We bring you the best and efficient security officers that are trained and well-equipped to guard your place of business. The security officers that we outsource depend upon your type and place of business. We understand that a Bank would need a different type of security officer as compared to the super-market. And we know exactly as to how we could cater to these demands.

We also know that just the provision of a security officer would not suffice. You would need business security systems that would add up to the security and help you in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Security Camera:

A Security Camera helps the personnel to keep an eye on everyone in the vicinity and therefore, thefts and other kinds of misdeeds stay at bay. Security cameras that we provide are reliable and have a wider range of coverage. What’s more, with warranties and regular services, we assure you that you would never want to deal with any other company than ours.

Security Alarms:

Our well-designed business security alarms alerts you or the people around if something is amiss. Now, this is something that every business should have on its business premises! This means that you can remotely safeguard your business with our complete well-designed system.

Security Systems:

The commercial alarm system that we market can supervise doors, windows, and lockers. Our alarm systems come in use for different purposes. We have alarms that alert you in case of fire, burglary and even unauthorized access. The best feature of these alarm systems is that you could control it from anywhere that you like with the help of a remote control


We all want to feel safe in our homes. Communities throughout the country have recognized the increased need for security protection and crime prevention. Have you taken the necessary steps to protect what matters? Safety and security are important anywhere, but especially at home. Prevent unfortunate security issues by hiring the best residential security team for your community or apartment. 


Ex-Serviceman Security and Detective Bureau provides the most highly-trained and experienced off-duty law enforcement and military personnel in the nation. We partner with our customers to create security solutions that are customized, comprehensive and affordable. When you decide to work with- ESDB, your security becomes our greatest concern.

Ex-serviceman and detective bureau employs highly-skilled residential security personnel who provide a full range of residential security services including: 

Foot or vehicle patrols 

Securing property entrances and exits 

Maintaining visitor and vendor logs

Enforcing property and resident rules and regulations

Responding to suspicious activity

Managing emergency situations 

Partnering with law enforcement 

Implementing emergency and evacuation plans

Reporting security events to management

Reviewing security footage 


The primary role of the Ex-serviceman and detective bureau entails guarding designated premises and people by manning the first tier of protection aided by appropriate security devices/equipment. The core responsibility includes guarding against theft, criminal acts, emergencies, fire and other contingencies. Our training programs, covers all the aspects of training starting with physical fitness, classroom training, on the job training and special training. The aim of our training program is to make security guard self reliant to handle day to day routine and empower him to provide assistance at the time of crisis.

Fire Safety & Evacuation Mock Drill 
Fire Fighting & Security Equipment Training 
Emergency Response and Disaster Management 
Industrial Security & Asset Protection 
Gate Management and Access Control 
Security Records and Documentation


Skill Development Training

Asset Protection 
Emergency Response 
Risk Assessment 
Security Audit & Survey

Specialized Training:

Women Safety

Soft Skills 
First Aid & Casualty Evacuation 
Training Content Development 
Self Defense 


Security Domain Training

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